Sunday, October 18, 2015

Liberia's Top Blogger and Author Berenice Mulubah Releases Insprational Poetry Book

After the hugh success of her first book "Landing Safely on a Solid Rock", Liberia's Top Blogger and Author Berenice Mulubah is back with an inspiration book of poetry titled "Purple Honey Lips".

Purple Honey Lips is an acclaimed exploration of beautiful words into the poet's incredible imagination, causing one to think and reflect on life, our place in the world, and a variety of other subjects.  It is a collection of poetry. The poems range from romance  to social ills, from serious to jovial.

This book of poetry is must read that can inspire people from all walks of life. Purple Honey Lips can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Xlibris bookstore and and author's personal website Berenice Mulubah the Zama Queen.

Book Title: Purple Honey Lips
Author:Berenice A. Mulubah
Publisher: Xlibris Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-51440-729-5

About Author
Berenice A. Mulubah, CEO of C Liberia Clearly blog, is a poet, blogger, radio personality, and arts and culture activist. She's from Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia, West Africa. She lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with her two beautiful girls. Standing Safely on a Solid Rock, her first book, has been called “raw and a garnished glimpse into the soul” by J. D. Kato

Read a piece from Purple Honey Lips:
A Night Away

Descended from heaven like an angel,

My toes touched the ground.

 I whisked him away from danger

Just when he was about to drown.


Away we went from traditions,

Culture, and social demands;

With an undivided attention,

His mind opened, willing to expand.


We flew over the mountaintop

And down to the valley below—

Just when he started to enjoy the ride

We landed on the ocean shore.


We sat and talked about the dos and don’ts,

What he had and had not;

We talked about the African man

And his woman too.


I asked about the woman’s role

And why he controlled her life as a whole.

Two minutes passed, he didn’t say a word,

So I whispered these words in his ears:

“Educate the African woman, my friend.

That’s the best way to go.

Raising your boys into gentlemen,

She’s your backbone, for sure.


When she rises,

The continent shall rise—

That, my friend, is gold.”


His eyes rolled around in his head,

His mouth flew open to speak,

And just before the words came flying out,

His alarm started to blow.


And he woke up to a brand-new day,

A brand-new life, I must say.

The African man, the African woman,

A partnership worth the while.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Liberia Music Industry Set To Be The Next Biggest Music Destination in Africa

As the music industry is growing on the African continent, Liberia is said to have a good opportunity of excelling as several amazing musicians are emerging each passing day. This is amazing, for it can make Liberia very well known, not only in West Africa but also in other parts of the world.

The Liberian Music Industry has been given a big with top industry professionals like Grammy Award- winning  producer LROC, Be 100 International Radio Station owned by Miss Dee former manager of Nicki Manaj & Gucci Mane, Music Soul Child and top African Music Platform Africori now scouting the countries amazing talent pool.

Below we have complied a list of the Top 16 Liberian Artist that breaking the charts and have the world looking:


Listen to Deng Music


Listen to Quincy B Music:

3. SoulFresh

Listen to SoulFresh Music:


Listen to Grize Music:


Listen to Bigg Timee Music:

Listen to Kzee Music:

7. Ericgeso

Listen to Ericgeso Music:

8.  Marvalous MC

Listen to Marvelous MC Music:

9. Min. Bernice Blackie

Listen To Min. Bernice Blackie Music:

10. DSP                                                          

Listen to DSP Music:


Listen to Munnah Music:


Listen to Bryan Doe Music:

13. Young Muse

Listen to Yung Muse Music:

14. Tarkun J

Listen to Tarkun J Music:

15. Togar Howard

Listen to Togar Howard Music:

16. FA DOT 

Listen to FA Dot Music:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Liberian Movie Star E. Owusu Dahnsaw to Represent Liberia on Next Africa Movie Star Reality Show

E. Owusu Dahnsaw
Liberian Movie Star E. Owusu Dahnsaw has been nominated to represent Liberia on the #1 Reality Show in Africa.....Next Africa Movie Star Reality Show.

About Next Africa Movie Star Reality Show
A 30day Reality TV Show that discovers young and aspiring talent for the movie industry. It trains and grooms them for the profession and makes them a force to reckon with in proficiency and prowess.


Watch movie featuring E. Owusu Dahnshaw:
For all PR Inquries email: