Friday, January 20, 2017

An Ode to Min. McMillian Former Assistant Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Leaving Office 

Photo caption: Louise McMillian
By Guest blogger, Robin Dopoe Jr.

The final days of Louise McMillian, Assistant Minister of Culture at the Ministry of Information, Cultural affairs and Tourism, is near.
As Culture Minister since 2012, Min. McMillian came to the position at a time when the nation was facing its worst national identity crisis, including the lack of a clear strategy to promote and safeguard its cultural and traditional values for future generations.

During her five years at MICAT, before being replaced by the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, McMillian worked tirelessly to prepare Liberia’s nomination dossier for world heritage sites, thus become the first minister to do so.
From that list, the East Nimba Nature Reserve has been accepted (90 percent) to be a United Nation Education, Scientific and Culture Organization world heritage site.

The reserve has one of the most remarkable diversities in terms of flora and fauna in the whole of West Africa due to its unique geographical and climatic location. Positioned in a unique environment, the reserve is rich in some outstanding numbers of single-site endemic species, such as viviparous toads and horseshoe bats.

In addition, McMillian also became the first Assistant Minister to undertake a full scale renovation work on the Liberia National Museum, which has been in deplorable condition since the end of the civil war.

The ongoing work on the historic 155 years old building when completed two month from now, will help save memoirs of past presidents, cartographical materials related to Liberia’s cultural artifacts, as well as galleries that illustrate Liberia’s other past and present works of art for future generations.

Moreover, it will also serve as a haven to preserve and display cultural artifacts that offer insight into the country’s past, including the civil war years.
Under her leadership, she successful negotiated the tribal deed (10 acres of land) for Behsao cultural village, which gives government the full right to develop the land as a cultural village without any hindrance in the near future.
On the other hand, Minister McMillian struggled against great opposition as she pushed her cultural strategy for the safeguarding of Liberia’s cultural and traditional values.

Due to this great opposition, her dreams of meeting all UNESCO cultural conventions, which when ratified will bring numerous benefits, despite several consultations and workshops did not materialize.
If not for the lack of financial support from the government to her department, Minister McMillian could have done much more to reduce Liberia’s identity crises, like language extinction and lack of respect for cultural and tradition values.
In her time in office, she hosted a Unification Day traditional culture festival but could not continue as a result of a lack of political will and financial constraints. Due to this same opposition, she was unable to launch a program that would curb language extinction facing minority languages in Liberia; and Behsao would have been turned into a cultural village a long time ago.

For most of her critics, her successes, though visible, came too late.

About Reporter
Robin Dopoe, Jr., is a freelance art and culture writer for the Daily Observer newspaper in Liberia. The Nimba born, is the Press and Public relationship officer of the Liberia Nation Movie Union. Not only that, Robin is also a music coach and a bio write.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Runway Liberia International teams up with Tunes Liberia to give Liberia Music Industry Support

Just in time for Runway International Showcase 2017, which is scheduled to be held on June 24, 2017 at the Baltimore War Memorial Building in downtown Baltimore, Maryland USA, Runway Liberia International has team up with the #1 Liberia Music Platform Tunes Liberia to release a PROMO ONLY mixtape titled "ZUTIN MIXTAPE" Compilation of the top 25 Liberian Hits to be distributed FREE in the luxury event gift bags given to guest attending the event. The "ZUTIN MIXTAPE" as a publicity platform to get Liberian music in the hands and the cars of Liberians/ Friends of Liberia to help boost the listening audience of Liberian Music.  

Top Liberian Model and Runway Liberia International Model Candance Sayonkon graces the cover of the promo with photo by Liberian Photography Company based in Minneapolis, MN Gifted - Handz Photos owned by Albert Karyah.

Tunes Liberia complied playlist for "Zutin Mixtape" will be mix and mastered by the official DJ for Runway Liberia - DJ Levi. DJ Levi is one of the top African/Liberian DJ's in the U.S. He is based in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

About Runway Liberia International
Created by Junda Morris- Kennedy, Runway Liberia (RL) is the biggest event showcasing Liberian Fashion, Music & Arts on an international platform.  Runway Liberia is a multifaceted event established to promote the social, cultural and economic development initiatives of Liberia to a global audience through fashion and entertainment; serves as a collaborative catwalk and exhibition, highlighting the industry’s established and emerging Liberian designers alongside designers from around the world.

Official Runway Liberia International Luxury Giftbags

ZUTIN MIXTAPE PLAYLIST by TUNES LLIBERIA (In no particular order - until mastering)

1. Scientific – Her Back Wicked
 2. C.I.C Feat. Christoph_Casimoney & ChillerCoolnanee – Shout Out
3. Kizzy W – Wait Na
4. Scientific – Aint Got Time
5. Stunna & ARaw - Kpannah
6 Quincy B – Olukupay
 7. Ericgeso – Go Home
 8. C.I.C Feat. F.A – Jon Buttay
 9. Da Vero feat. C.I.C – Nu pepper
 10. Waste Dem Feat. Christoph & soulfresh – Feeling my Swag
11. Kobazzie – Go Sleep
12. StarMelod – Rude Rude Thing
13.Venny – Ten Ten
14. Stunna & ARaw – WCW
15.Young Zee – Boiling
16. Christoph – Ah Gee Ohh
17. PCK & L’Frankie – Freestyle
18. J Max – Marry You
19. DenG – Go Down
20. Soulfresh – No CASE
21. Christoph & Margas – Hold Yor Polaruh
22. Teddyride Feat. Scientific & JB (Soulfresh) – Song For Mama
23. Bucky Raw – Jeh Leh Y’all
24. C.I.C - Bachelor
25. PCK & L’Frankie – I Here

DJ LEVI aka "Mr. Connect"